Vegan Staples Box

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Curated by The Green Dietitian, Jessica Kotlowitz (RD MSc Nutr.), this box is the perfect starter pack to introduce you to a plant based diet. Jess has been a vegan for 4 years, and is super passionate about spreading the word on the health benefits of a vegan diet. She is professional dietitian, and creates diet programs for many happy customers. Jess describes her box as a convenient way of getting all the essential staples needed to live a healthy plant-based lifestyle, at the click of a button. No more having to go to several different supermarkets to find what you need.

Inside you will find:

Red Lentils 500g

Chickpeas 500g

Quinoa regular 500g

Oats rolled / Gluten free rolled oats 1 kilo

Chia seeds 500g

Cashew pieces raw 500g

Almond nut butter 400g

Organic short grain brown rice 500g

100% biodegradable & compostable packaging | Highest quality product

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